Welcome to stepUP transitions

stepUP transitions walks alongside emerging businesses on the tipping point of transition to develop customized workplace solutions that improve business outcomes and increase efficiencies.

Step into your dream

  • Increase your time by outsourcing specific business requirements.
  • Enhance company time and results during a transition period while waiting to hire.
  • Maximize your culturally diverse staff or client relationships through our global experience.
  • Invest corporate funds as-needed rather than in on-going payroll expenses.
  • Increase your influence with staff and management by utilizing outside expertise.
  • Benefit from collaboration.


“If you don’t move people with change that is meaningful to them, there can’t be any sustainable large-scale change.”
- Toni Riccardi

Former partner and chief diversity officer for PricewaterhouseCoopers

“Charlene’s work is characterized by her commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. She is a self-starter. While she sees the big picture, she is also meticulous over detail. She is well-informed, hard-working, and highly committed. She is a caring person and completely trustworthy. She has a good public presence and can speak or teach well in public. She brings a deep and informed faith to all she does. Charlene is globally-focused and likes to travel. She takes challenges seriously as an opportunity to initiate personal growth.”
- JM